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Deliverance From The Power Of Depression

Written from firsthand experience with depression, the book is the ideal guide to help every reader that is trying to overcome his or her negative mental state. The author wanted to write this book so that it can minister to people and encourage those who are dealing with depression or who may be assisting others who have depression. By reading this book and applying the guidelines, people with depression around the world can be restored to a better quality of life.

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Deliverance From The Power Of Depression

This book is one of the most practical books on depression. Dr. Lawson strips away pride and exposes his readers to the roller coaster ride that severe depression took him on for almost a year.  Depression terrorized his life and put him in a hopeless, mental state of mind. The aim of the book is to help people who are dealing with depression or assisting others who may have depression and anxiety. In the book, the author shares his personal journey with severe depression and how he got his life back.  The book also talks about the time and way the author found that helping hand and got himself delivered from the mental state he suffered.

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